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Message from the General Manager

‘’The Need for Alignment with the laws of the universe, Interdependence!’’

There are laws governing smooth flow of matters in the infinite subsystems that make up the big universe. One of the laws governing the peaceful co-existence of these subsystems is the very fact that none of them can exist without one relying on the other.
Likewise, the construction sector as one subsystems wheeling the nation economy, is populated by input and output side sub-subsystems that are locked in the supply and value chain towards the final delivery to end users.
There are critically important traits that has to be instituted and upon which the two sides play interdependently for long term mutual benefit. Journeying through the many constraints that significantly characterize the sector, understanding each other has to be the road forward to gracefully age together in the making of history. The many uncontrollable variables, such as Short term financial liquidity problems coupled with poorly growing financing opportunity and erratic factor costs, are basic challenges to the extent of seizing operation that we need to proactively stand together in the endeavor to the envisioned future.
The realization of the nation’s renaissance is progressing forward. We are in the making of history with governments focused major investment building roads, housing units, agriculture and electric purpose dams, telecommunication highways, and others. With the inviting investment policy followed by strong economic growth is also the growth in private sector investment. There is yet too much to build.
Lets align our engagement either in our personal and business life with the law of interdependence and prevail together.


Sileshi Aboye
General Manager

Sileshi Gravel and Agrregate


During its 13 years of operation, it has made its share of contribution in the industry acquiring brand international and local construction companies in its client portfolio. As part of its five year growth and expansion strategy launched late last year, it is in final phase of installing high capacity crasher that will double its current production and supply capacity of 45 tons a day. The expansion program for the lease business is also in pipeline to add more medium sized construction equipments.


Our Vision:
Our vision is to be one of the most reliable, environmentally friendly construction input providers in Ethiopia.

Our Mission:
Our mission is to deliver  supply side solutions in the construction industry in  producing and supply of different grades of gravel, aggregates, and leasing earth moving equipments and dump trucks as a for profit business for individual and business customers in Ethiopia.

Reliability and partnering are our brand for which we are known among our customer pool. We highly value the safety and well being of our employees and the environment.

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